Aryna Sabalenka with a tennis racket and an OAKBERRY bowl

Aryna Sabalenka Joins OAKBERRY Acai

OAKBERRY is celebrating our new Grand Slam partnership with Aryna Sabalenka, the champion of the Australian Open in 2024 and 2023. She dedicates herself to excelling at tennis. We commit to creating the best superfood nutrition. This includes our açaí bowls and smoothies, which pack antioxidants and offer numerous health benefits.

As we embark on the thrilling 2024 tennis season, OAKBERRY is buzzing with excitement, particularly for the main tennis events in the US - the Miami Open and the US Open. Our partnership with the double Australian Open champion, sets the stage for an incredible experience. We're more than excited to see Aryna Sabalenka's performance in the 2024 tennis season and equally thrilled to serve tennis fans our top-quality, antioxidant-rich açaí offerings.

At the Miami Open and the US Open, two of the year's biggest tennis events, OAKBERRY will be right there, serving up our famous açaí bowls and smoothies. This is a fantastic chance for us to back Aryna Sabalenka's amazing journey and show tennis fans just how tasty and healthy our açaí products are.

A Champion's Choice:
Packed with Açaí

Working with OAKBERRY shows how important açaí and other superfoods are for reaching optimal performance. More than just a partnership, it's a shared celebration.

We celebrate achieving greatness in our everyday lives. We also celebrate achieving greatness on the tennis court. Aryna's decision mirrors the increasing trend among elite athletes to nourish their bodies with nutritious, antioxidant-rich meals.

OAKBERRY x Sabalenka: Winning Bowls

Get ready for a fusion of superstar power in your açaí bowls and smoothies with this partnership. Aryna is adding her own special touch to our menu, drawing inspiration from her personal preferences. However, it's not just about the food; we're creating opportunities for our fans to connect with Aryna's exciting journey. Imagine it as a firsthand experience of wellness, taste, and athletic ability.

Fueling a Grand Slam Winner

Aryna’s secret to maintaining high energy levels on and off the court? A diet rich in superfoods like açaí

“As an athlete, how I fuel my body is essential to how I perform both on and off the court,” said Aryna Sabalenka. "I love OAKBERRY and use it regularly before my matches. “OAKBERRY has become a staple in my routine as I prepare for a match, and I am thrilled to partner with the brand to share my love of their smoothies and bowls."

We're proud to be part of her regime, especially as she prepares to defend her Australian Open title. A testament to the power of our delicious, healthy offerings.

Future-Focused: The Rising Demand for Superfoods

By teaming up with Aryna Sabalenka, OAKBERRY is not only celebrating present accomplishments, but envisioning a future in which superfoods like açaí have a significant impact on the world of sports. More and more health-conscious young people want food that is both delicious and good for their overall health. Our collaboration symbolizes a step towards that future, where eating well means living well.

Join the OAKBERRY and Sabalenka Journey
We're thrilled to join Aryna Sabalenka on a journey that celebrates health, flavor, and the benefits of açaí. Join us in this partnership that combines world-class tennis with top-notch nutrition for an exciting experience. Stay tuned for more updates and be part of a movement that champions a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

Let's celebrate the power of açaí and antioxidants with Aryna and OAKBERRY!

Refueling Champions

Aryna's joining our dynamic partnership lineup of athletes and sport events. Aryna joining the OAKBERRY team shows our dedication in supporting for champions striving for greatness. With Aryna, we're not just backing a tennis champion, but also inspiring a movement.

OAKBERRY is proud to sponsor dynamic sports events like the World Surf League and the HAAS F1 team. We stand by athletes and teams in high-energy sports who are always pushing the limits of excellence.

We're proud to back Aryna, the World Surf League, and the HAAS F1 Team in their thrilling pursuits of excellence. OAKBERRY stands at the forefront of a global movement championing peak performance and a vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Come be part of the excitement and root for these incredible athletes and teams alongside us!

OAKBERRY: Where Champions Refuel.